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1.8T engine block guide

The tuning setup of the 1.8T engine block
Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional

1.8T Tuning: Block and connecting rods

Here you'll get all the info you need to get to 500 PS and beyond with your 1.8T engine block and connecting rods. We show you where the engine is installed, how the block is built, its bearings, crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods and more! You'll also learn which tuning parts you need for your 1.8T engine to get the maximum performance out of it. There's something for every performance goal.

All tuning parts for 1.8T 20V

All 1.8T engine codes

The engine block of the 1.8T engine

There are two different engine blocks. The 058 engine block was installed up to the production date of May 2000. In the Audi A4 B5, it is longitudinally mounted only. It has an internal intermediate shaft and an external water pump.

06A engine blocks, on the other hand, have no intermediate shaft, and the water pump is driven by the cam belt. They are installed in all vehicles with transverse engines.

1.8T engine main bearing/bearing shells

The crankshaft of the 1.8T engine

All 1.8T crankshafts have a stroke of 86.4 mm. They are made of cast iron or are forged. There are two different wheels used to determine the engine speed.

The con-rods in the 1.8T engine

All 1.8T con-rods have a length (hole center to hole center) of 144 mm and a width of 24.9 mm.

  • 06A engines have a 19 mm piston pin (except 225 PS models that have a 20 mm piston pin)
  • 058 engines all have a 20 mm piston pin

All steel conrods


Delivery 5 to 8 days

Delivery 5 to 8 days

+% more
Displacement increase
More power
More pre-ignition possible
200cc more

VAG X-Beam conrods 144 x 20mm with ARP screws BAR-TEK®

Immediate delivery!

Immediate delivery!

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For Up to 1000 HP
Only 599 grams per conrod
With additional oil hole
Original BAR-TEK®


The 1.8T piston