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Audi R8 Tuning Project

tuning project
Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional

Audi R8 tuning: say hello to the newest member of our fleet

Even an untuned Audi R8 is already a sports car we always dreamed of when we were still kids. But who would have thought that a supercar like that would one day suddenly be standing in our workshop? And that we would unleash even more performance from the Audi R8 by tuning it? This dream is now the newest member of the BAR-TEK ® fleet and is now getting fired up by us.

After the first test drive with the R8, BAR-TEK says itself: ‘The R8 drives like a turbo without turbo lag. The acceleration is absolutely insane: in just 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h! It actually doesn’t really need any turbo, because it is already fast enough... but you know, that would be kind of boring, so let’s go ahead and throw in those turbochargers.’

On this page, you can follow our new Audi R8 tuning project and see how much more this car has got in it!

Audi R8 profile

Brand Audi
Model R8
Performance 449 kW (610 PS)
Torque fehlt
Maximum speed fehlt
From 0 to 100 3 Seconds
Engine 5.2L V10 FSI engine
Gearbox 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox
Weight fehlt

Information about the Audi R8

Racy: the body of the Audi R8

Absolutely everything about the Audi R8 screams motorsport and racetrack. It is lighter, more streamlined, rigid, and dynamic – and simply fascinating. The 2nd generation relies, among other things, on carbon and aluminium in order to keep weight as low as possible. The multi-material lightweight construction and proportions of the Audi Space Frame Body (ASF) further emphasise the racing sport character of this beauty. At the same time, hardly any other sports car can compete with the R8 in terms of comfort. Its design is based on the Modular Sportscar System (MSS) sports car platform. But of course, even with a high-performance car, it’s the inner values that count the most.

The inner values: the 2nd-generation 5.2 L V10 FSI engine of the R8

The revving mid-engine would be the heart of the Audi R8 if it weren’t in front of the rear axle. The 10-cylinder V engine with 5.2 litres of cylinder capacity boasts a peak output of up to 449 kW (610 hp) as delivered – which is insane for a mass-produced vehicle! We’re already excited about the performance boost we achieve!

The engine’s dry sump lubrication ensures that it can be installed in a very low position, whereby the centre of gravity is even a bit closer to the road. If you are a particularly sporty driver, the oil pump module and an external oil tank make sure the engine stays optimally lubricated.

The R8’s dual injection system brings together the greatest advantages of direct injection and conventional intake pipe fuel injection: The fuel-water mixture is combined before the intake valve and the inner walls of the cylinder are wetted with fuel. The injection time is thus significantly shortened, and the system is considerably more efficient. This combination also ensures improved mixing, better cooling and a reduced knocking tendency.

You also save fuel with the Audi R8’s cylinder cut-out (cylinder on demand). This feature runs in the background, completely invisible to you. Under certain conditions, a cylinder bank can be simply deactivated, so that you drive with just as many cylinders as necessary.

Where the R8 gets its performance: power transmission

The origin of the Audi R8’s performance lies in the concept of the mid-engine and quattro drive. Without the optimal power transmission, all the performance would simply go up in smoke. But the 7-gear dual-clutch transmission is up to the task.

The power transmission in the Audi R8 is connected with a hefty dose of emotion. After all, the intelligent traction and road handling control continuously monitors the environmental conditions, driving condition, and, not least, the driver’s wishes. The ideal torque distribution is determined based on these parameters and then transmitted to the newly developed all-wheel drive clutch in the front-axle drive. Pure driving enjoyment!

New front for our Audi R8

Audi R8: tuning in the BAR-TEK® workshop

We carry out all our tuning projects and conversions for customers in our in-house workshop. Besides our extensive warehouse with the right Performance parts and our 1,000 hp test stand, we maintain ideal conditions for extreme engine tuning.

With our motorsport expertise gained over 15 years of experience in Formula 1 (including many years as engine mechanics for Ralf Schumacher), we also take Audi R8 tuning to the next level. Our goal is always oriented on your wishes: optimum performance and, of course, higher torque. With the optimised engine control, we also prolong your engine’s service life.

Make your own personal tuning appointment with us!

Performance parts for the Audi R8

If you want to get more power and torque from your Audi on your own, you will find the necessary Audi R8 Performance parts in our online shop. Besides a reinforced clutch and various cleaners for your engine, you can also get tuning tools, bolts, and more from us.

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Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional
His first car was a Polo Mk1 with a 40 Weber twin carburetor and 129 PS (95 kW). His second was an Audi 50. Today Bartek tunes Lamborghinis to 1000 PS (735 kW). Even as a young boy, Bartek disassembled vehicles and put everything back together better. He wrote his high school diploma with oil on his fingers. The trained automotive mechanic with a focus on engines and gearboxes was determined to go into motorsports. In his 10 years in Formal 1, he supervised 73 races, including as engine mechanic for Ralf Schumacher at Toyota. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself fully to his company BAR-TEK® and helps his customers to bring VW and Audi engines to peak performance.
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