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Exhaust flap / flap control for your exhaust system

Exhaust flap / flap control

The exhaust system essentially determines the sound of your car, which for tuning fans can usually be sporty and throaty. With our exhaust flaps, you get not only the optimum sound but also more power, not to mention the sporty look of the flap exhaust system. You'll be seen and heard!

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The advantages of the flap control at a glance:

  • Individually controllable sound
  • Exhaust back pressure is reduced
  • Power and torque increase
  • Exhaust gas temperature is redu
  • ced Better engine performance

Exhaust flaps - You decide on your sound

Your exhaust shouldn't sound like a tin can, the sound should hum nicely but not drone and be annoying. To achieve this, it is important to install a high-quality flap exhaust that meets your requirements. You should be able to decide whether you prefer it louder or quieter. That's why you can find exhaust flaps with electric remote control in our shop. With these, you have full control over the sound at all times. And the whole thing is very simple: at the touch of a button, you control whether the exhaust gases are routed through a silencer (closed flap) or whether they are routed through a pipe or silencer replacement (open flap). If you open the flap, you get the popular loud sound that simply hums without being annoying. In our shop you can get the exhaust flaps with different diameters and can then build the flap exhaust according to your wishes. You can also buy exhaust flaps that are controlled by vacuum. These open at low vacuum or low torque in the case of turbo engines. The exhaust flaps are available in many different diameters.

Flap exhaust and performance

The sound is probably one of the main reasons for you to install a flap exhaust. Other good reasons include reduced exhaust backpressure, which saves weight. With a flap exhaust, you also gain power at higher revs and no more power is lost at lower revs. The exhaust gas temperature is also lowered and the engine has more power overall. The advantages of the exhaust flap speak for themselves!