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Perfect services for your engine tuning
Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional

Perfect services for your engine tuning

Bartek says, "With our Maha MSR500 investment, we've closed the loop. From now on we have all possibilities and the tuning world is completely open to us! Via the product, our workshop (Area 51), our trained staff up to the dynamometer, we can put together a complete package for every customer and know exactly what comes out of it".

We have constantly expanded our machinery so that we can do everything from A to Z in-house. This means we are faster in production and more independent, says Bartek. We also have a 100% control over the quality of our components and products.

Here is an excerpt of our services:

Injection service:

Often a professional cleaning of the injectors of your vehicle is enough to restore a smooth engine run.
We disassemble and pre-clean the injectors. Afterwards, a leak test and input measurement is carried out to detect any damage immediately. If this run is passed, all injectors are ultrasonically cleaned with a special liquid. It should be mentioned here that the injectors are permanently controlled during this process in order to achieve the best possible result. In order to determine differences, an initial measurement is then made. Finally, the nozzles are fitted with a new gasket set.

Bartek says: "It is particularly important to check the injectors, even if they are new. Even completely new injectors can scatter up to 8 % in quantity. This can have a big influence on the tuning or the running of the engine. We test ALL our nozzles so that we have a good basis before every tuning. There are special issues with the TFSI injectors. Very often they are coked and already leaky at 5 bar test pressure".

Here you can find our injector testing station.

Connecting rod alignment:

The connecting rod should always be checked for exact parallelism! This also applies to well-known manufacturers such as Carillo. If the connecting rod is not guided straight in the drill hole, it can lead to excessive (one-sided) wear up to a piston seizure. If a gap is visible on the measuring unit, the connecting rod must be straightened.

Here you find to our page "Conrods alignment".

Ventilfedern messen:

With our valve spring measuring instrument we can measure the spring rate of any valve spring. This gives a perfect combination for a racing engine.

Engine construction:

Since we have specialized mainly in VW and Audi engines, we can cover the entire engine area. No matter what wishes are to be fulfilled at your engine, we take care of them for you. Bartek has a lot of experience in motorsports.

Bartek says: "I used to build various engines and gearboxes. At Toyota also the V10 and V8 Formula 1 engines. I learned a lot there and a Formula 1 engine is just an engine, too".

HERE it is a straight link to our racing engines.

Gearbox construction:

We also offer an all-inclusive service in the field of gearboxes. Here the topic slip differential or reinforcements is usually announced, in order to bring the higher performances of the engine also steadily on the road or racetrack. Reinforced DSG clutches and DOG-Box transmissions are our core competencies.

Bartek says: "Unfortunately, many people forget that when tuning the engine, the drivetrain must also be reinforced. This goes from the clutch to the gearbox to the brake. Here the concept simply has to fit and rather invest a little more money in parts that can withstand higher loads than to risk damage later".

Bedi cleaning:



The problem with all direct-injection engines is that the intake ducts coking over time. Power losses and unstable engine running are common problems. For remedy we offer our BEDI cleaning. In this process, an additional liquid is injected during the engine run, which dissolves and removes the impurities. If the contamination is too heavy, however, the complete suction pipe must be dismantled to ensure better access to the affected valves. At the same time the test of the injectors is useful.

Bartek says: "Time plays an important role here. The longer you wait with the cleaning, the more difficult it is to clean the deposits in the inlet area. This is similar to an oven. If it is never cleaned, the pneumatic hammer must also be used later. Our oil catchtank systems also provide a remedy.

Click HERE to go directly to our oil cat tank systems.

3D printer:

In order to make our new ideas a reality, prototypes must be produced. We realize these with our 3D printer. First we create a CAD drawing, which is then printed. The advantage of this is that a finished product is created and it can be tested. If changes have to be made, they can be done quickly.

Measuring performance:

You want to have your car tested on one of the most modern dynamometers? Then contact us HERE.

Bartek says: "Our Maha MSR dynamometer is one of the most modern in the world. It was important to us that we could measure exact results and repeat them and compare them later. It's a bit like Formula 1 where individual horsepower is concerned. We have an extremely wide range of possibilities, here it's not just about pure power measurement. Thanks to various sensors and measuring techniques we always get a good picture of every car. It's always important to know what the basis is and the MAHA MSR 500 tells us that very clearly".

Click HERE to see our MAHA dyno.

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Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional
His first car was a Polo Mk1 with a 40 Weber twin carburetor and 129 PS (95 kW). His second was an Audi 50. Today Bartek tunes Lamborghinis to 1000 PS (735 kW). Even as a young boy, Bartek disassembled vehicles and put everything back together better. He wrote his high school diploma with oil on his fingers. The trained automotive mechanic with a focus on engines and gearboxes was determined to go into motorsports. In his 10 years in Formal 1, he supervised 73 races, including as engine mechanic for Ralf Schumacher at Toyota. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself fully to his company BAR-TEK® and helps his customers to bring VW and Audi engines to peak performance.
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