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Main bearing girdles

Girdle Kits

A main bearing girdle provides stiffening to your engine block. Since high forces act on the entire engine, especially in tuned engines, the use of girdle plates is advisable. They prevent the crankshaft from bending too much and withstand even high torques. The bending of the crankshaft affects the whole engine and can cause major damage.

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Longer service life
Highest quality
Length adjusted
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For vehicles with block stiffening plate
To ensure the correct distance between the main bearing blocks and the plate
Made of high quality steel
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Up to 1000 HP
Less vibrations
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Prevents torsion
Highest stability
Oil separator
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All-round carefree package!
Stiffening plate prevents torsion
quality components
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Race oil pump included
Complete Kit
Galvanised plate
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Prevents torsion of the block
Galvanized for long durability
also serves as an oil separator
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prevents strong torsion
DO NOT use threadlocker
for VW and Audi blocks of the 827 generation
Standard Kit / ARP bolts
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High Boost
high strength alloy steel
Extremely stable
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You´ll get various main bearing girdles and main bearing supports from us for the stiffening of many engines:

The 1.8T main bearing girdle by BAR-TEK

The perfect kit for stiffening your 1.8T engine: Our main bearing girdle in a comprehensive kit! For one, the main bearing girdle ensures a higher stability; secondly, it acts as an oil scraper. You can choose between the Standard and the Ultimate kit. Alongside the galvanized girdle plate, the Standard kit contains spacers, the ARP stud kit; a longer chain and longer bolts for the oil pump; longer bolts for the oil pan and a chain tensioner. In addition to all this, the Ultimate kit contains billet main bearing supports made of high-strength steel.

BAR-TEK 2.0L TFSI main bearing girdle

Our main bearing girdle for 2.0L TFSI engines also comes as a kit that you can get in the Standard and in the Ultimate version. It always comes with all mounting parts and high-strength ARP studs. And there are lots of other goodies: e.g. a RACE oil pump, an adapter plate for the oil filter and a drive wheel for the oil pump. The Ultimate kit includes the high-strength billet main bearing support, leaving no wish unfulfilled.