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Stop Watches for the Racetrack

Stop Watches

You get extremely accurate stop watches perfectly suitable for use on the racetrack here. With these watches, you can take very precise measurements in car racing and read the lap times in an optimal way.  The manufacturer guarantees it.

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The Best-Seller: The Fasttime 10 Stop Watch

Our best-sellers among the stop watches include the Fasttime 10. It is waterproof and stores up to one hundred laps. The display shows you the current lap time, the last lap time and the total time. The LCD display has three lines, a 24-hour watch, a calendar mode and a lap/split function. This stop watch is frequently used by Formula 1 and DTM teams.

AIM MultiChron: Measuring Four Drivers Simultaneously

The stop watch by AIM with multidisplay allows you to measure the times of up to four drivers at the same time. In addition, you can store up to 99 laps per driver and up to nine intermediate times per lap. The display shows the fastest lap, the slowest lap and the average lap time. In addition, the stop watch has a countdown timer, and you can measure the times starting one after the other.

Stores up to 300 Laps: Seiko S149 With Integrated Printer

The Seiko stop watch with integrated printer is the ideal timer for many sports. The display consists of three lines and shows total times, lap times and intermediate times. Contrast and brightness can be set, so you can use it in the dark without being blinded by the display. With this stop watch, you can start at a certain time and even transfer the times to other Seiko stop watches. You can store up to 300 measurements without difficulty and retrieve them at any time – even during a measurement. The internal printer can print results already during the measurement. You can differentiate between drivers by an ID number.