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Fan manifolds for the highest demands

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TeZet manifolds are the stars of exhaust system tuning: Since we always focus on quality, we are big fans of the high-quality stainless steel manifolds. In our tuning shop, you will find matching manifolds for various car brands and models: from Audi, VW and BMW to Ford, Honda and Porsche to Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki and many other manufacturers. If a part you want is not in stock, just contact us!

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Optimised exhaust performance and great sound

If you want to adapt your exhaust system to the increased power of the engine after chip tuning, a TeZet manifold is the right part for optimised exhaust behaviour and an increase in power even at low revs. In addition, the stainless steel exhaust manifolds impress with their optimal fit and a throaty, sporty sound.

The start-up version for the small purse

If you don't want to do without TeZet quality, but are looking for a cheaper alternative to the high-end TeZet manifold, the TeZet Start-Up variants are the right choice. The manifolds are also made of stainless steel, but with a simpler design - for unbeatable value for money that is easy on the wallet. The start-up fans are available for Audi, VW, BMW and Seat.

The TeZet fan manifolds come to you with a TÜV parts certificate. So that you can get a StVZO operating permit, we can issue a clearance certificate for the TÜV on request. However, the respective test engineer decides at his own discretion whether the installed part is to be registered.