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Hardy discs are part of the drive, especially in vehicles with all-wheel drive. They are also called joint discs and sit especially on the cardan shaft and can cause enormous damage right here if they are defective. The hardy disc has the job of correcting angular errors, ensuring optimum damping and also separating the drive from the bodywork, thereby ensuring a more pleasant noise level. A defective Hardy disc should therefore be replaced as a matter of urgency. We offer hardy disks for 1.8T 20V, 2.0L TFSI & TSI engines, for 2.0L TSI EA888 Gen. 3 and 2.5L TFSI engines.

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Why you should change your hard disk

A broken hardy disc can prevent the drivetrain from separating properly from the body, causing noise among other things: you'll notice a dull rumble when starting off as the hardy disc disintegrates. Symptoms of a broken hardy disc also include vibrations and play during load changes. It literally no longer runs smoothly. If you are unlucky and have waited too long to change it, a bent cardan shaft or a defective universal joint can also be the result. The hardy washer is an important component of your engine that is there to protect other components of the drive. Without the small disc, these parts would be subjected to excessive loads and would have a much shorter service life. That's why it's important to replace the hard disk, especially if your engine has been tuned.

What are the benefits of the tuned hardy disc?

An improved joint disc, such as the tuning hardy discs in our shop, can withstand much higher loads. Torque shocks in particular are optimally absorbed. This is due in particular to the materials: unlike the standard parts, our joint discs are designed for racing. They are therefore super suitable for performance-enhanced engines in tuning that are supposed to give full power.