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EA113 vs. EA888

The differences between TFSI & TSI engines
Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional

EA113 vs. EA888 - engine differences and features

Engines and their technology are always evolving. With increased mileage, difficulties and teething troubles become apparent, which are then eliminated. Here we show you what these are for TFSI and TSI engines.

You'll also find out everything you need to know about the EA113 and EA888 engines: How do they differ and what are the most important features? We also present the revised versions here.

Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional
His first car was a Polo Mk1 with a 40 Weber twin carburetor and 129 PS (95 kW). His second was an Audi 50. Today Bartek tunes Lamborghinis to 1000 PS (735 kW). Even as a young boy, Bartek disassembled vehicles and put everything back together better. He wrote his high school diploma with oil on his fingers. The trained automotive mechanic with a focus on engines and gearboxes was determined to go into motorsports. In his 10 years in Formal 1, he supervised 73 races, including as engine mechanic for Ralf Schumacher at Toyota. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself fully to his company BAR-TEK® and helps his customers to bring VW and Audi engines to peak performance.
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david allen genet
21.01.2023, 08:31 Uhr
i have a 2017 audi tts engine code cyf. is it the newer engine with timing chain? has tfsi on the engine cover thanks
icon / general / ico_arrow-rewind
15.05.2024, 07:29 Uhr
Hi David, This should be an EA888 Gen. 3 engine with a timing chain.
08.02.2023, 20:08 Uhr
Guten Tag, gemäß des letzten Videos der Autodoktoren erkennt man die erste Verbesserung des EA888 - also mit ovalen Ablauflöchern, aber noch schmalen Abstreifring - daran, dass das Ölfiltergehäuse aus Kunststoff ist. Stimmt das?
06.08.2023, 18:11 Uhr
Haben die EA 888 Gen 3 BJ.2019 noch Probleme mit der Ölpumpe sodas es besser wäre eine Update Pumpe zu verwenden oder eher weniger? Danke im voraus m.kriedemann
icon / general / ico_arrow-rewind
17.04.2024, 13:55 Uhr
Hallo, unsere Upgrade Pumpe verspricht früheren Öldruckaufbau und mehr Druck. Bei getunten Motoren ein absolutes "MUSS". Aber auch schon bei Serienmotoren meine erste Wahl. ArtikelNr.: 21tsi94 Probleme gibt es immer wieder mal mit den Serienpumpen in unterschiedlicher Darstellungsweise! Mfg